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Understanding Menopause

Menopause is a natural transition that all women go through, marking the end of menstrual cycles and fertility. The average age for menopause is 51, but it can occur anytime between the ages of 45-55.


Many women experience bothersome symptoms leading up to and during menopause caused by hormone changes, especially declining estrogen levels. Common menopause symptoms include:

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Long-term Health Risks

The hormone changes of menopause also lead to an increased risk of certain health conditions if left untreated, including:

Proper treatment can help mitigate these long-term health risks substantially.


Perimenopause refers to the transitional stage leading up to menopause when hormone levels begin to fluctuate but menstrual cycles are still occurring. This stage can last for months or even years, and is associated with more severe symptoms. Getting treatment during perimenopause is key to ease this transition.

Benefits of Menopause Treatment

Treating menopausal symptoms and hormone changes is extremely beneficial for a woman's quality of life and long-term health. The main goals of treatment include:

Relieving Symptoms

Getting proper treatment tailored to your hormonal status can provide immense symptom relief, allowing you to sleep better, have more energy, stabilize your moods, enjoy sex again, and stop embarrassing hot flashes. Our specialized providers focus specifically on optimizing treatment to help relieve your unique array of symptoms.

Reducing Health Risks

Balancing hormone levels with treatment during the menopause transition has been proven to substantially reduce risks of developing severe health conditions like osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Our providers stay up-to-date on the latest research to create fully customized treatment plans aimed at reducing your future health risks.

Improving Overall Wellbeing

In addition to physical symptoms and health outcomes, optimized hormone levels enhance a sense of overall wellbeing, improving factors like energy, motivation, confidence, emotional state, and sexual health. Our compassionate providers understand the larger life impacts of menopause and tailor treatment plans to help you feel like your best self again.

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Treatment Options Overview

There are a variety of safe and effective evidence-based treatment options for managing bothersome symptoms and health risks related to menopause and hormone changes in middle-aged women.

Hormone Therapy

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) involves taking supplements of key hormones like estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone that become deficient leading up to and during menopause. At Vitality Wellness Clinic, we develop fully customized HRT regimens catered to your unique hormonal profile, risk factors, preferences, and treatment goals.

Lifestyle Changes

Certain lifestyle changes like staying active, eating a balanced diet, practicing stress management, and optimizing sleep habits can provide additional relief for menopause symptoms. We provide thorough lifestyle optimization counseling as a core component of your treatment plan.

Alternative Therapies

Some women may prefer to try alternative therapies like herbal supplements, acupuncture, meditation, or cognitive behavioral therapy to assist with hot flashes, mood changes, sleep difficulties, and other bothersome menopause concerns. We can advise you on evidence-based alternative options that may complement your treatment plan.

Getting Started with Treatment at Vitality Wellness Clinic

If you are a woman in the Citrus Height area struggling with perimenopause or menopause, we encourage you to set up an appointment at Vitality Wellness Clinic to explore your personalized treatment options. Here's an overview of how we approach treatment for each patient:

Comprehensive Lab Testing

We begin with comprehensive lab testing to accurately assess your hormone levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and more to uncover any deficiencies or imbalances contributing to your symptoms. Testing key hormones is crucial for developing an optimized treatment plan.

Thorough Symptom Evaluation

In addition to lab testing, we conduct an extensive evaluation of the specific menopause symptoms you are facing, including assessing your medical history, symptom timeline and triggers, and reviewing the impacts on your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Customized Treatment Plan

Based on your lab results and symptom profile, our menopause specialists develop a tailored combination treatment plan designed to optimize your hormone levels, address underlying hormone imbalances, relieve your specific symptoms, and reduce future health risks associated with menopause.

Continuous Follow-Up & Monitoring

Hormone levels and treatment needs can change over time as you progress through perimenopause and menopause. We provide continuous follow-up, lab testing, and treatment adjustments to ensure optimal symptom management and health protection based on your evolving hormonal status.

Why Choose Vitality Wellness Clinic for Your Menopause Treatment

When it comes to highly effective menopause symptom relief and health protection, specialized hormone expertise makes all the difference. At Vitality Wellness Clinic, we have extensive specialized training and years of experience successfully treating hundreds of women navigating perimenopause and menopause.

Menopause Specialization

Our clinic focuses exclusively on hormone-related conditions like perimenopause and menopause. Our providers stay current on all the latest research and clinical advancements related to changing hormone levels in middle-aged women, applying this expertise to design optimally effective treatment plans for each patient.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We recognize the substantial impacts of perimenopause and menopause symptoms on wellbeing and quality of life for many women. Our doctors take time to thoroughly understand your specific situation, symptoms, history, preferences, and goals to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Continuous Care

We develop long-term partnerships with our menopause patients, providing continuous lab testing, treatment adjustments, and ongoing support as your hormonal landscape continues evolving over months and years. We are here to assist you throughout the menopause transition and beyond to ensure optimal health and wellness.

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Undergoing Treatment Safely During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic calls for certain safety adjustments when seeking in-person menopause care to ensure minimized coronavirus risk. At Vitality Wellness Clinic, your health and safety is our top priority.

Rigorous Sanitization Policies

We follow meticulous cleaning and disinfection protocols continually throughout our clinic. All visitors must wear face masks and maintain social distancing. Other safety measures like contactless payments and virtual visit options ensure ongoing safe care amidst COVID-19.

Telehealth Visits

We offer convenient telehealth appointments to enable remote evaluation, testing guidance, treatment planning, and follow-up care while avoiding coronavirus exposure risk. Our telehealth services maintain the same personalized, high-quality care standards as our in-person visits.

Reaching out to a dedicated hormone specialist is the most effective way to develop a customized menopause treatment plan tailored to your unique hormonal needs and health goals. Contact Vitality Wellness Clinic today to schedule your initial consultation with one of top California menopause experts. We are here to listen, understand your challenges, and help you thrive through this transition.

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